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Shambhala Training: Level V
Rigden Weekend
The only required material for the Rigden Weekend is the Rigden Thangka Print, though many centres and groups hosting a Rigden Weekend also offer the Primordial Rigden Thangka Booklet (available in English, French, and Spanish) to participants. Realizing Confidence: The Making of the Primordial Rigden Thangka DVD is often shown to the participants of Rigden Weekend. more info
Sacred Path: Windhorse
Sacred Path: Meek
Sacred Path: Golden Key
The Path of Authentic Presence
The sourcebook Tris on the Gesar Sadhana is produced by Shambhala Media and is available below. The practice liturgy, The Windhorse of Authentic Presence, is produced by the Nalanda Translation Committee and is available here. These are the two required materials for The Path of Authentic Presence program. more info