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These materials are all excellent programming resources for Shambhala centres and groups, appropriate to be used as the focus for classes or study groups. Perfect materials for programming to be led by one or more teachers, meditation instructors, or Shambhala guides.
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OVERSTOCK Life of The Buddha And The Early Sangha OVERSTOCK The Six Ways of Ruling: A Resource for Leaders OVERSTOCK The Bodhisattva Vow Sourcebook OVERSTOCK The Refuge Vow Sourcebook
OVERSTOCK The Six Ways of Ruling & Contemplating - Set Karma Seminar Karma & the Twelve Nidanas Sourcebook An Introduction to Shambhala Culture
Karma Seminar
Our Price: $25.00 USD
Four Dharmas of Gampopa Rousing Bodhichitta Lineage and Devotion Sourcebook Being Human
Four Dharmas of Gampopa
Our Price: $28.00 USD
Rousing Bodhichitta
Our Price: $28.00 USD
Lineage and Devotion Sourcebook
Our Price: $33.00 USD
Being Human
Our Price: $33.00 USD
Taming the Mind & Walking the Bodhisattva Path Six-Class Sourcebook for Shambhala Instructors