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The Practice of Taking Refuge -Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara OVERSTOCK Ground Lungta Sadhana of Luminosity OVERSTOCK Wheel of Wisdom
OVERSTOCK Ground Lungta
Our Price: $7.99 USD
Sadhana of Luminosity
Our Price: $22.00 USD
OVERSTOCK Wheel of Wisdom
Our Price: $9.99 USD
OVERSTOCK White Tara OVERSTOCK The Sadhana of the Powerful Activity Phurba Primordial Rigden: The Magical Heart of Shambhala Dharmaraja Guru Yoga
Our Price: $9.99 USD
Dharmaraja Guru Yoga
Our Price: $22.00 USD
OVERSTOCK La Tara Blanche OVERSTOCK Blazing Guru Dorje Trollo The Elixir of Life - A Birthday Practice OVERSTOCK Amrita: The Cure
OVERSTOCK La Tara Blanche
Our Price: $9.99 USD
OVERSTOCK Amrita: The Cure
Our Price: $13.99 USD
OVERSTOCK The Sadhana of Magyal Pomra, Trident Protector OVERSTOCK The Activity of Blessings: The Practice of Guru-Protector Dorje Dradul Second Edition Shambhala Vow Enlightened Society Vow
Shambhala Vow
Our Price: $10.00 USD
Enlightened Society Vow
Our Price: $10.00 USD
OVERSTOCK Shambhala Sadhana: Discovering the Sun of Basic Goodness Kurukulla OVERSTOCK The Activity of Blessings (Dorje Dradul tangka)- color print OVERSTOCK Ashe Mahamudra
Our Price: $65.00 USD
OVERSTOCK Ashe Mahamudra
Our Price: $11.99 USD
OVERSTOCK Aspirational Liturgies For the Dying Process & the Intermediate State The Jewel (Tantrika) The Jewel (Non-tantrika) Voeu de la Société Éveillée
The Jewel (Tantrika)
Our Price: $39.00 USD
The Jewel (Non-tantrika)
Our Price: $39.00 USD
Voeu de la Société Éveillée
Our Price: $10.00 USD
OVERSTOCK La Sadhana de Shambhala : Découvrir le soleil de la bonté fondamentale Le Rigden primordial: Coeur magique de Shambhala La pratique du refuge : Éveiller la motivation pour se libérer véritablement du samsara Red Jambhala
Red Jambhala
Our Price: $65.00 USD
Shambhala Sadhana: Die Sonne grundlegender Gutheit entdecken The Sadhana of Kindness La Sádhana de la Amabilidad Gurú yoga del Dharmaraja
The Sadhana of Kindness
Our Price: $28.00 USD
La Sádhana de la Amabilidad
Our Price: $28.00 USD
Gurú yoga del Dharmaraja
Our Price: $22.00 USD
Le Guru Yoga du Dharmaraja- le texte seulement El Rigden primordial: el corazón mágico de Shambhala